Future Ready 365

It took me a while to write my Future Ready 365 post, mostly because I got sidetracked reading the different posts. I ended up with the It’s in the DNA article by James King. Like I said in my discussion, I’ve always been interested in what characteristics and talents people have to make their business successful.

I thought this post was especially poignant for this class: A Special Library Student’s First Customer. I had to find out who the first customer was that the author talked about. Turns out, it was as easy as going around campus and making other college departments aware of the skills we are learning in library school and offering those skills for experience and maybe even a fee. Opportunities for practical experience are everywhere, if we just happen to look. The other day actually, I was listening to the radio and the DJ was talking about an interview he had with some rock star back in the late 1990s. He mentioned that that interview, along with plenty of others, are in a box waiting to be organized and be put online.

I thought maybe I can call in and offer my services as an MLS student to organize those interviews and upload them on a database and place them on the radio’s website. What a great way to not only get experience, but a great networking opportunity too!


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